Hi, I'm Ben. I'm a web developer who likes making websites that give people the information they need as quickly as possible. I used to claim to be a front-end specialist but I've always been more than happy to dig into the server-side too, so I stopped pigeonholing myself. I like design systems and have talked about building them in my corner of the BBC.

I am the Technical Lead for bbc.co.uk/programmes where we are focusing on migrating the site to be hosted on AWS, fully rewriting it in the process. As we are developing in the open, you can see how well that is going by checking out our GitHub repo.

When not making websites I enjoy snowboarding, martial arts, watching rugby and sleeping in.


Websites mainly. Over the years I have worked on:

When I lived in the UK I was a regular volunteer coach at codebar London.


I currently live in Whistler, Canada after 10 years of living in London, UK. In May 2018 I intend to move to Vancouver.